A Story About Love

"While watching the news recently, my husband and I were impressed with
a story that appeared on several prime-time broadcasts.  The daily news
is usually filled with stories of war, crime, natural disasters, conflict, and
every imaginable and unimaginable evildoing.  However, this story was an
inspiring account of love in action.

A young police officer on patrol found a 16-month old boy wandering the
streets of the city, in the most dangerous neighborhood.  No one appeared
to be attending the boy, so the police officer radioed for assistance.  Being
a father of young children himself, the officer knew what the boy needed.
He picked up the child and lovingly held him close to his chest and spoke
words of comfort to him.

Via the television camera, we saw the two of them leaving an ambulance
to go into a hospital.  Inside, the police officer lay on a gurney, continuing
to hold the toddler close to his chest.  There was a contrast between the
pigmentation of the skin of the officer and the small boy, and they were
obviously from different cultural and economic environments, but those
things were eclipsed by the officer's genuine love for the unknown child he
had found.

That police officer treated the small boy he found the way he would have
wanted anyone to treat one of his children in need.  As it turned out, the
16-month old boy was reunited with his family.

This story about the policeman loving the little boy was like the love God
has shown for us.  By sending His Son, Jesus, to save u s from sin, God
found us, wandering lost souls in a most dangerous place.  He came to
where we were.  He picked us up, He saved us, He comforted us, and He
set us in a place of safety -- that we might not perish, but have everlasting

The love God would have govern our lives is His love, the love of Christ.
There are more than 500 Scriptures in the Bible that deal with the
importance of having our lives governed by God's love.  "God commends
His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"
Romans 5:8).  God commands us to love others because He first loved us.
Having experienced God's great love for us, how can we not love others as
He has commanded?"

(Newlife Adult Sunday School Curriculum, Winter 2016-17; Pathway Press)













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